15th FG/21st FG claims on 29 May 1945

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    Anybody have a copy of Olynyk's USAAF Victory Claims in the PTO book?

    I wish I did, alas...

    I'm trying to find the specifics (time, location, enemy aircraft type) for the claims made by 15th FG and 21st FG pilots escorting the daylight incendiary strike against Yokohama on 29 May 1945 by B-29s from XXI Bomber Command.

    From Lambert's The Pineapple Air Force and his The Long Campaign I know which pilots made claims and how many they claimed. I've got a few details on the claims by pilots Bright, Petroulas, Grover, and Van Nada. From Olynyk's Stars Bars I've got the specifics for the claims made by Tapp, Robert (Todd) Moore, and Crim. This still leaves quite a few for which I have only the number of enemy aircraft claimed.

    I know the detail I seek is in the USAAF Victory Claims in the PTO book, but I don't have it and have never been able to find a copy for sale. So if one of you kind folks has the book and would share the specifics on the other claims that day by the 15th and 21st Fighter Groups I'd truly appreciate it. With hope springing eternal, thanks in advance!

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