2 or 15 SFTS Harvard Mk.I Marking

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    I am doing a profile of one of the camouflaged Harvard Mk.I's operated in the UK, but has a crest/badge on the side which I am unable to identify.
    From the info I have it either operated at 2TFS, 2 SFTS, 15 SFTS or 71 OTU. The last is definitely out, and 2FTS and 2 SFTS are just different names for the same unit (as I understand)

    If it was at 2 SFTS (or FTS), then it would have operated from RAF Brize Norton, which was a part of No 23 (Training) Group which was in turn based at RAF South Cerney.

    15 SFTS was at Chipping Norton and was under 21 (Training) Group which in turn was based at Cranwell. 15 SFTS also operated out of Lossiemouth and Middle Wallop.

    Unfortunately none of the officially assigned badges I was able to find match the photo (Lossiemouth is close but the dark spot in the photo is too high in the ring). I am told that there were additional unofficial badges used and am wondering if this may be the case for these aircraft (or perhaps the parent organization for 21 23 training groups, for which I was also unable to find a badge?

    Attached are the closeup of the badge and the profile as it currently stands (with the Lossiemouth badge standing in for the correct one)

    Finally for the North American experts - does anyone have a stencil diagram for the Mk.I? I have one for the Mk.IV and am wondering if one is known to exist for the Mk.I (I am also looking for one for the Mk.II, if it was different from that of the IV)


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