91 Squadron

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Tim Paul

Aug 11, 2023
Thanks for the join. Ancestry is suggesting Ronald William Greenaway Spitfire Pilot 129632 is my missing Grandfather and the dates and his locations tie in. I have seen pages from his Flying Log but only pages from when it went up for auction in 2015, unfortunately where and by who remain a mystery. He followed the usual route of Scarborough, Canada, Harrogate, 53 OTU RAF Kirton Lindsey, etc...and may have been held back to train others along the way before he joined the 91 in late 1944 at Manston. One of the pages says he had engine failure over Belgium and had to avoid the Germans. Another mentions bomber escorts and another mentions escorting Montgomery's Plane to the Liberation of Belgium Celebrations - there is even a reference to Big Elcock - hence I'd love to see the rest of it. I know the Nation Achieve have info but its quite brief. Has anyone seen it out there or does anyone know anything more about Ron or have any photos with him on. Thanks.

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