A&P Mechanic with R-1830/R-2800 Experiance

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    Not sure where to post this.. or if it is even allowed.

    But here at my office, we are looking for a Full Time A&P Mechanic for our Summer Season.

    Job Description

    • A&P Mechanic
    • DC-3/CV-240 Aircraft
    • Must be Physically Fit
    • Work Primarily Outdoors

    Job Requirements

    • A&P Required
    • Radial Engine Experience Required
    • I/A Preferred
    • DC-3/CV-240 Experience Preferred
    • Pre-employment Drug Test
    • 10 Year FBI Background Check
    • Must be able to obtain Airport Badge

    Work Environment

    • Facility is adjacent to Anchorage International Airport located at 4001 Old International Airport Road
    • Generally full time work (8am – 4pm daily) with some Part Time work
    • Part 135 Air Carrier
    • Compensation will be dependent on experience and skills

    Company Contact Information

    Please post if interested or know someone who would be. or PM me. I do not want to broadcast my e-mail on the web.

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