A remarkable collection of photos in 7 Albums.

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Aug 17, 2007
I stumbled on "Album 7" of Arthur Froude Thomas's as held by the IBCC digital archive and decided to do a search for the rest of the albums. Revealed is a remarkable collection of unusual and varied German prototypes in Albums that are immediate post war. I wonder who his fellow was and how he acquired and assembled such a collection.


Arthur Froude Thomas, D.F.M., R.A.F.V.R.
Born April 13th 1922 in Banwell, Somerset
Served in No.149 (East India) Sqn, Bomber Command, during WWⅡ (I think for almost the entire war, from sometime in 1939 to sometime in 1945)

D.F.M. (Distinguished flying Medal)
R.A.F.V.R. (Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve)

149 Sqn flew the following aircraft during the war:
January 1939-December 1941_____Wellington Mk I/!A/IC
November 1941-June 1943________Stirling Mk I
February 1943-September 1944____Stirling Mk III
August 1944-November 1949______Lancaster Mk I/III

12 April 1937-6 April 1942___ RAF Mildenhall
6 April 1942-15 May 1944____RAF Lakenheath
15 May 1944-29 April 1946___RAFMethwold

Flying Officer Arthur Thomas.jpg

Flying Officer A.F. Thomas D.F.M.
149 Sqn, RAF Methwold
(the above photo is from the IBCC archives)
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