A6M2-N (Rufe)

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Jan 26, 2007
Am new to this website, so please excuse and redirect me if am in wrong "room". If anyone here knows of any publication(s) that tells the story of the A6M2-N Rufe, would they be kind enough to let me know about it. Have found a few sites that have this aircraft added to the wheeled A6M2 story. However I would like something a bit more indepth, with lots photos, colour/camo patterns, areas of ops, unit names/numbers and if possible any quotes etc. from any individuals who worked/flew the Rufe.
I realize the odds are quite long against finding much information on an a/c that had a run of only about 300-350 units so long ago. I've developed a real curiosity for this plane and thought here would be a good place for a few questions. Any help/response appreciated.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
Hi !!!

I've known about the one publication only.It is a KAGERO book about A6M2-N (Rufe).This book is in both Polish and English language.Besides,a sheet of decals is included.


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