Abacus Aircraft Factory 99

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Same question, four years later... Apparently Abacus has sold out of its clearance copies of Aircraft Factory 99; but I am interested in checking out several of the aircraft included in this software package. Does anyone have a complete copy, collecting dust, that they'd like to turn into cash?

P.S. Never mind...I discovered the software is still available. It is not in clearance anymore, but is currently listed in Abacus' Quick Order Form as a "Packaged Add-ons (CD-ROM)." Price is still $29.
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If you intend to build planes you might also want Aircraft Animator.
There are a hatful of other useful utilities. Most are free.
I also wrote a bunch of command line C programs for working on AF99 projects.
Good Source code for others' projects can be found at
Freeflight Design Shop

If you need some help or advice and believe I can help, email me:
[email protected]

Here are screenshots from a couple of my projects. I think they look nice.

- Ivan.

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