Adrian Warburton's Maryland

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    Is there known any other photos with serial numbers of Warburton's Martin Maryland except that:


    And did this(Warburton's) plane ever get RAF serial number:

    About this plane ...


    ... I found on net:
    'Unit: 69 Sqn, RAF
    Serial: AR733
    Crew CO P/O Channon, gunner Sgt. Moore. Luqa AFB, Malta, January 1942. This aircraft from batch of 50 a/c from AR702 to AR751. Camouflage: Dark Green, Dark Earth, Sky Blue.

    On 12 February 1942 this aircraft was attacked by Bf.109 (probably), which was piloted by Lt.Schramm from 8./JG 53. Gunner Sgt.Moore was killed and aircraft heavily damaged and emergency landed.'
    So did Warburton fly this plane before this crashlanding or not?

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