Ah crap!

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Nov 11, 2004
Halifax, Nova Scotia
I suddenly have no sound whatsoever while playing PF+FB+AEP. The audio hardware setup in the game remains unaltered, yet I get nothing. I've tried two full reinstalls, and the sound was present for the first game and that was it. No other game on my PC seems to be affected, just this one. I get this log produced: "ERROR !Cannot get DirectSound interface !". No shit. :rolleyes:
I've even reinstalled my sound drivers to no avail.

Any ideas?
From "The Longest Day"

'My old Grandmother said, "Anything mechanical, give it a good bash.".'

If that doesn't work try swearing at it if you haven't already. Sorry I can't offer anything more helpful.
Perhaps you should provide a bit more information about your setup.

Check your speaker/headphone cbles and plugs. That sort of thing. I had a few glitches wih the sound but they were magic fix yourself errors that just never happened again...
Nah, I've done all that. What it's looking like to me now is a DirectX/sound card issue. My old card doesn't seem to care for DirectX 9c, as I've begun to notice other audio related "gremlins" popping up here and there. I'll reinstall DirectX 8.1 and see if that fixes it. I've a feeling it will. Fingers crossed.
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