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Airman 1st Class
Aug 14, 2006
Would need some help about some serialnumbers. They look american to me.
I got some small parts of an plane that crashed in Austria during 1944. People who saw the plane crashing said that it was an russian plane. They found 3 machine guns and parts of a parachute and buried the dead pilot.

Does anyone know the stamps "NOR", "H?? 57" or "S B M 223P"?

Serial numbers: Part 1: "CF3 WS7 28507 4873", Part 2: "??? WC72 28507 4897", Part 3: "?08 28507 5196 SCC8", Part 4: "BZ6 YF26A 28507 4881", Part 5: "221839-R" and "CR84", Part 6: "28507 4123 830", Part 7, an aluminium bottle, at the bottom: "37107", Part 8: "CC6 XH43 28507 4385", "CE2 YU4 28507 4387" and "28507 4129 SCN8"

? stands for letters I couldn't identify. I'm not sure if all parts are from the same plane since a P38J crashed pretty close too.
Some parts show red color markings.

Thanks for any help.

Regards from Austria, Kurtl


  • Teil 1 Rückseite.JPG
    Teil 1 Rückseite.JPG
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  • Teil 7, Flasche hinten.JPG
    Teil 7, Flasche hinten.JPG
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  • Teil 8A, Stempelung.JPG
    Teil 8A, Stempelung.JPG
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  • Teil 4 Vorderseite.JPG
    Teil 4 Vorderseite.JPG
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  • Teil 8, A, B, und C, vorne.JPG
    Teil 8, A, B, und C, vorne.JPG
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Not an expert by any stretch, but if I were a betting man that's not US. You would see the flaming bomb or some other US stamp if WWII. The canteen definitely does not look familiar. All canteens that I have seen from WWII had a cap either connected with a metal chain or were integrally plastic with a plastic body.

In fact the canteen looks European. I'll check to see if there is something familiar in what I have.
I don't recognize the serial numbers, however NOR is "Notice of Revision"
and usually indicates that a part is built or reworked to a drawing level that is
commensurate with that NOR. I do not know if the European manufacturers
in WW2 used the same configuration management system.
Well, I'm sorry. You are right. There are no serial numbers on the parts. The numbers must be sparepart numbers or something like that. This was my mistake. Kurtl
WE've identificated these parts from an Wellington Bomber. The parts are from a geodetic system. I'm now looking for a sparepart manual about a Vickers Wellington. Maybe somebody can help?
Thanks in advance, Kurtl

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