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There are barrage ballons that you can shoot down (well make them eplode), look for them in the mission generator (or around airfields in some online servers)
flying an airship in a flight sim? borrrriiiiiiiiiing!
flying an airship is always hard
but flying in one IRL floating above the world? nice
I would also like to see airships fly again and that, at least today, is possible because they would be a lot safer than those back in 30s.
My Father had a flight in the Hindenburg before it went down and could never get over the size of the thing, and the luxury built into it.
I'ld like an airship in IL2 for one reason-I'ld like to make a what if vid using the Graf Zepplin 2 as an airborne carrier like the USS Macon ( 5 Sparrowhawks) . Any thoughts ?
Not to dredge an old thread or anything (which is exactly what I'm doing, heh) but anyone here play Crimson Skies? Sure, it's not realistic, but you had zeppelins and stuff along with cool customizable planes.
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