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    with the indulgence of the site mods and owner, could you leave this here for a couple of day for maximum coverage, thank you.

    hello gentlemen,

    some of you will know the site as now closed, this is for several reasons, the activity on the site by the members had dropped of to a point where it was not worth all the hastle with the site hosting company Globat.
    there latest effort was to stop the use of mass emails, without informing the site owners, this is happening with a lot of host, something to do with reducing spam on the net.
    the above events have led to my own lack of interest in the site, also my time is now taken up with aircraft drawing and profiling.
    the good news is that all the images are safe and the database is downloaded and safely stored for any future use.

    i have up to now 22/8/09 recieved only two email about the site closer,if there had been more, i might have reversed my decision, so it looks like the members have moved on, this is natural progression, people with special interest start their own sites, likewise foreign members start their own site speaking in their own language.

    for the most part it as been a good 6 years and i have made a lot of good friends, just to name a few, Dogsbody2, Jan, ChrisMag, Zamex and Peter who without their help the job would have been 100 times harder.

    and a very special mention for Eric, whom as put up with me panicing on a regular basis because of some minor fault with the board, thanks Eric, you can rest now!

    if anyone feels the need to contact me they can on, [email protected]

    or look for me on, Aviation Profile Painting
    or, The Flying Boat Forum from • Index page
    and i am still active on the Wings of Peace group.

    thank you
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    I will mis the site.

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