Another F.6/42-type fighter, this time with Griffon power.

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Nov 3, 2022
Mansfield, Ohio, USA
I do know that some F.6/42 fighters were designed around the R-R Griffon engine, but those that got the most consideration were designed around the Napier Sabre or the Bristol Centaurus engines.

What I'm wondering about is if the Griffon was used to power a "conventional" fighter (example, Boulton Paul's fighters for this spec were twin-boom pushers). Ideally, it'd have range similar to a Tempest or Fury, be intermediate in size between a Spitfire XIV and a Tempest or Fury, and use the best know-how in terms of aero as far as using the Griffon engine. All other specs are as called forth in F.6/42.

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