Anyone have info on the Bristol Jupiter impeller diameter(s)?

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Apr 17, 2017
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:study: I have been researching the Bristol Jupiter lately and although I have found a lot of info on the rest of the engine and associated systems, including pictures and drawings of the impeller, I have not been able to find the impeller diameter for any of the Marks that had superchargers.:dontknow: Any info would be appreciated.
Which model Jupiter? Might help members as not all Jupiters are blown.

I have and VIII and IX manual but that model is not supercharged.

You could look for a Janes AWA - don't get 1938 as the engine is too old for that years edition.
Hey MiTasol,

The literature I have says that any of the 'F' series from the VIIF on (ie VIIF, VIIIF, IXF, XF) could be fitted with the supercharger. The non-'F' series of these same Marks were not fitted with and were not listed as available with supercharger. I assume the Jupiter VIII and IX manual you you have is for the non-'F' series?

For sure the VIIF and XF series were actually sold and operated in service with the supercharger.

The VIIF for example was used for the altitude record flights, and was used on the Bulldog Mk IIA among other airframes.

The XF was fitted to the HP.42 (XFBM?) among other civil airframes.

The French fitted the Gnome-Rhone license produced Jupiter VI with a supercharger, although I do not know how much use it saw.
:) Thanks for the tip. I had looked at the Polish Air Museum site before, but at the time I did not notice a manual that is specifically for the supercharger on the Jupiter VIIF. It lists the diameter as 241mm.

Now if I can find out whether the later engine Marks used on the same diameter and ratio.

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