B-17G tyres 1944

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von hahn

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Aug 2, 2008
Hello. I've noticed a lot of 'block tread' tyres on photos of B-17Gs based in England during 1944-45, and almost no ' diamond tread' tyres, yet almost all models of B-17s have 'diamond tread' tyres. Does anybody know if there was a specific period during which specific tyre treads were used?
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I'm not aware of any specific requirement for tires. There are a few different versions of diamond or block pattern tires used thru out the war.
Today's B-17 tires are made in batches and as far as I know use grooves.



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Thanks mjfur. Yes, almost all modern-produced tyres are grooved now.

I've been trying to see if there was any correlation to time period or unit and tread pattern on B-17s but it seems so far that I can't find anything.
Interesting so I thought I would see what the interchangeablility charts dated December 43 would show.



Smooth Contour means



My guesses would be that the UK units used UK made tires or found that one particular tread on US tires was better on their type of runways and made sure their quartermasters ordered only that type of tire.
Different Non-Skid tread patterns were used by the different tire manufacturers. Goodyear used diamond, Firestone used cross, B.F. Goodrich used ovals and U.S. Rubber (Uniroyal) used rectangles (and another with tiny "suction cups"). I'm not sure what other manufacturers used.

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