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    Hey guys. Here's my review of a multimedia CD that you might be interested in if you model B-25s. The review will eventually be published at M2 but I thought I would share it with you first...

    Let me start by saying that if you’re a B-25J modeler with a penchant for detailing, this is a must-have resource. Of course there are a number of very fine reference books on this popular subject, but none of them have as many close-up photographs for the price: $10 plus $4.95 s/h anywhere in the world. This is also an excellent CD for the aircraft enthusiast who doesn’t model, as it comes with various flight manuals, historical background, and in-flight videos.

    Four folders are included in this package: History, Manuals, Photos, and Videos. There is also a “read-me” document detailing the contents.

    In the “History” folder you will find an excellent article by Howard Sodja entitled “A Brief History Of The B-25 ‘Mitchell’ Medium Bomber”, along with nine black-and-white pictures that supplement the article. Mr. Sodja’s overview of the history of the Mitchell variants is concise, accurate, and well-written.

    The “Manuals” folder contains complete scans of four publications: the “Flight Handbook,” “B-25J Flight Manual,” the “Flight Instructors Manual,” and the “Pilot Training Manual.” Most of the information in these publications will probably be of more interest to pilots and/or general aircraft enthusiasts, but some of it is valuable modeling reference - there are a number of photographic descriptions of the inner details of the aircraft, as one would expect from flight manuals. This folder also includes a selection of scans from the “489th Bomber Squadron Yearbook,” which probably should have been included in the “History” section.

    The modeler of the B-25J will be delighted by the “Photos” folder, in which he will find no less than 500 images of the aircraft “Briefing Time” taken during the course of its restoration. I’ve never seen a more extensive walk-through-around of any aircraft – there doesn’t seem to be a single square inch of the plane that hasn’t been photographed from every angle. The images are also quite good and range in resolution from roughly 600x450 pixels to 2200x1700.

    Finally, the “Videos” folder contains six files ranging in material from a guided tour of the aircraft to in-flight movies. These videos are not professionally produced – they were taken by someone with a portable recorder. The resolution is grainy, and they are shaky. That being said, I can’t stop watching some of them, particularly the take-off and landing videos shot from the bombadier’s compartment. If you can’t afford an expensive ride on a WWII bomber, this is surely the next best thing!

    So in conclusion, I would highly recommend this multimedia CD – such a wealth of information is seldom found at such a low price. My discovery of this resource was rather gratuitous. As a youngster I had built several of the Revell/Monogram 1/48 B-25Js, and wanted to return to the model as an adult, having stashed-away the kit, an Eduard PE detail set, and a Bombshell Decals sheet that included markings for “Briefing Time.” One day I decided to visit the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum as it is only a short drive from my location in Pennsylvania, and to my surprise there I found her in her full glory: the restored B-25J “Briefing Time.” So the fates have evidently conspired to mandate this build upon me. I haven’t yet taken it up but when I do, this multi-media CD will play a large part in the process.

    I bought my CD at the MAAM store but you can order it online at the following link. This link also provides numerous examples of the CD’s contents.


    Happy modeling, John.

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