Battle Of Britain ( CF3 )

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Feb 6, 2007
Melbourne, Victoria
Anyone have this or know what its like?

I've just been wearing my CF3 out a bit and BoB is my favourite part of WW2 and wouldnt mind getting it.

Excuse my ignorance - but what is 'CF3'?
To me it looked like an incomplete Cardiff postcode!

Otherwise, interested in the 'game' can you tell us more about it?

What are the scenairos? What are you able to change e.g. dispositions, aircraft?
woah finally got a response :lol:

Merlin it is 'Combat Flight Simulator' made by microsoft.

Same as any other ww2 flight simulator with quick missions or campaigns.

Create pilots etc........
hi Heinz
Are you talking about BoB missions or a seperate addon?
I'm sure that people have created missions replicating the Battle of Britain if thats wat u are after.
Check out the Simviation site or the Combatfs site.
Another option is to download CFS3 mission builder from the official Microsoft website and create your own missions which follow events from the BoB
Good Luck!
I have all those programs from Microsoft website......the problems is I don't have very strong computer.:|
They do tend to suck up some energy and space. I had CF3 running on 98' a few years back, but the effort to make it work was massive.

Purred along happily on XP.
I have cfs 3 on xp and it does very good , i got the bob and its ok but i also like cfs the first one

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