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    Battle damage repair -

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ah58lTSZvE

    I know this is a post-WWII illustration of quick fixes to damage. Pretty interesting how the British technique differs from techniques I was used to in the USAF. We used all 100-degree flush fasteners on exterior skins and the repairs themselves were much more complex (thorough) even at the field level.

    As modelers we attempt to depict theatre specific weathering and other accuracies. Some have even taken to depicting obvious damage incurred from ground attack. What we don't know, and probably never will, is which tail/work numbers were actually holed (various times) from air-to-air and low level small arms, and what repairs were done to them. Which techniques were used by the various air forces would be interesting to know.

    Anyone ever seen photographic examples of repairs (non-factory placed panels, patches, etc.) on single engine types? I've seen such photos of bombers with new wing skins and fuselage repairs but all the photos of the fighters seem to be un-holed, pristine examples - albeit weather-worn. We know that wasn't the case. They were holed if they saw much combat.

    I wonder if a modeler can depict air force/period specific repairs done on the fighters without it being perceived as too much creative license. Just a curiosity.

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