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Nov 5, 2005
First let me say this, I have a major phobia about sharks. I would love to fish for sharks, but I have a bad phobia swimming in the ocean and sharks. I know I know the chances of being attacked are almost zero but it is a phobia.

That all being said in July I went to Bermuda for 14 days on a vacation. Before I left being the paranoid guy I am I looked up sharks attacks in and around Bermude lol!. My wife laughed at me and so did my friends. There has never been a fatal shark attack there ever and only 2 shark attacks in the last 100 years or something.

So i felt pretty safe and I got brave and went diving and snorkeling. I loved it and was diving everyday having a blast. I went as deep as 40 feet, I thought I was doing pretty damn well over coming my phobia. Keeping in mind that when I went to Mexico just 3 years before that I told my wife I would not even go into the water. When she went in I told not to go to deep and always keep the fat chicks in front of her as a meat shield in case a shark did attack it would take one of the fatties first. :lol:

So after my vaction was over in Bermuda I thought I had taken a big step over coming my phobia of sharks and swimming in the ocean. Then my Brother in law who lives there sends me these pics from Bermuda just a few days ago. These two guys caught this 12 foot 600lbs Tiger shark just off shore where I was swimming !!!!! OMFG That mother f'ing thing could of eat my white praire ass in about 2 seconds flat! :lol:

I will never be going back there to swim in the ocean!!!! :evil:


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I totally agree. I never have been fishing them but I would love to. But I have a very strong phobia of sharks and being attacked by one when I am in the ocean.

I don't wish sharks harm.......just for them to stay away from my land loving ass.

I thought Dan would like these pics, I have seen a few pics of him and his son shark fishing.

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