Bf 109E-1/B

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Jan 1, 2006
The Bf 109E-1B could carry either 1 250kg bomb or 4 50kg bombs. As a fighter the Bf 109E-1 had a range of 663km. What was the range of the E-1/B when it was carrying bombs?


To be honest I haven't found anywhere the info.But in many books about Bf 109E-1 I've found info that the range for the bird was 560 km but not 663 km.So it is possible that the range was estimated for E-1/B.But it is my opinion only and it should be verified.
Thanks Wurger. Do you agree that the range of other E-1 and E-3 versions was 663km?


In many cases in books about Bf 109E is stated that the E-1/E-3 range was 560 km.The 660 km range was stated for E-4 version.Taking all the info I have to say that the earlier Emil version had range a bit different from later Emil ones.I think it was due to the power of the DB engine.On the other hand all underwings and underfuselage equipment could cause the speed reducing about 20-30km/h and as a result decreased the range.Therefore my answer on you question cannot be positiive.But I'm not an expert in the Bf 109 technical limits.
There is one more Bf-109E-1s that exists as well. It is in England. The wreckage was found in Spain but is an original Bf-109 airframe. It is currently being restored.

Also the Bf-109E-3 that is on display at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany was actually a E-1 that was restored as a E-3.

I dont have any pictures unfortunatly.
Yes looks nice, will have to remember that site. Wonder whether there is a linking site of preserved Allied Aircraft...

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