Blazing Angels

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Aug 8, 2005
On the Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood game disk, there's a Demo for Blazing Angels, which shows a group of B24's and P51's getting attacked by Flak and Gustav's and is probably the best FMV I've ever seen! 8)

- I think I'll be getting this one! :D When it comes out, that is:

well, i expected better graphics for an Xbox 360, but these are good enough, and just by looking at the screenshots you can see how exciting a flight model this game has
I played it for XBOX (and got rammed!).

Very impressed at the inclusion of the Kurfurst!:D

Am getting it myself now, will give review if it's wanted?
Yup, XBOX, 360, Wii, PS-3, and PC! See: Search for 'blazing angels' - Ubisoft

I wonder if the'll ever add a patch or add-on for a first-person cockpit view. (one of the big annoyances for me, maybe the sequel has one...)

How about Blazing Angels 2, it looks awsome but some things look off...
Like on the homepage: Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII | Ubisoft and some screenshots: IGN: Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII Image the Vampire has the cannons wing-mounted!?
While in other screenshots they're clearly nose-mounted: IGN: Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII Image

And they have you using the Meteor IV... I mean the Vampire Mk I at least made sence (as it was available)... But of course, there's the Horton Ho/Go-229 too...

Personally I can't wait for the release of the BOB Storm-War for IL-2, hopefully, it'll add some British late-war and prototype jet a/c. The graphics look almost as amazing as B.A.-2 but with IL-2 realism!
Oh, I've just looked at some more info on Blazing angels-2 and (despite the odd and inconsistant placement of the Vampire's guns, which only seems to be present on the box-art at least) it looks great. Graphics and general efects quality at least as good as the first but with decent gameplay and storyline! The voice acting is much better, if still a bit forced at times. And there is now a 1st person cockpit view!!! The list of flyable planes is great. From what I've seen it's a marage of the gameplay of the first game, storyline, plot, and exciement of SWON, some gameplay elements of Crimson skies (fun, good view selection and control set-up) and the plane selection approaching that of IL-2 1946! Plus awsome scenery!

One thing I'm not sure of though is the enemy radio chatter. If it's those horrible accented mangled english lines it would be sad. If it used actually well-spoken foreign languages, like in SWON, that would be AWSOME! Also the Miltiplayer looks very nice.

I never bought the first game, but played the demo, and was fairly unimpressed (except for the FX and graphics) but this one looks great! Too bad there's no demo for PC...

Just look at the Ratings IGN gave compared to the original: Search Results for "Blazing Angels " on IGN
Secret Weapons Over Normandy-came out first
Blazing Angles 2: Secret Weapons Of WW2-came out second

a little bit of copying here?
SWON was based on Swcret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, an early Lucas-Arts game.

It is widely admitted that Blazing Angels was inspired by SWON. Though remember Ubisoft also has the Il-2 Sturmovic series. (even if they don't distribute it to Russia, as 1C are the original designers) But also rember Il-2 came out 2 years before SWON!
I have SWON and played only Blazing Angels 2, we never got number one here in SA and I loved both of them, but I want a game that will follow the Great WW2 battles in the sky to come out on the Consoles, PS3 and 360.
I have never played Blazing Angles 2 (demo dosn't count)(only the origial), but i have recently heard that the second one was better.

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