Blohm und Voss 141

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Well I've been sitting here in my submarine U593 in Texas, wondering if the whole place was going to get washed away. Good time as any to develope a hunchback hovering over a keyboard building models for microsoft flight sim 2004. My latest project was a Blohm und Voss 141. A very odd assymetric airplane built just for the view. The vc turned out pretty neat i think. You only have air speed and altitude and I had to sort of combine them to get them in. The bv-141 had no dashboard, only a panel with some raised gauges by the pilots left side. but the view was spectacular!

I left the German crosses, but nixed the swastikas. I've included the fsds file so repaint it yourself if you are a history purist, or just want one in barber stripes.

you can download from my download page:

note there are two pages of downloads now.

comments or questions at [email protected]

the 111 may have flown pretty well. b&v started with a symmetric tail on the 141 and it apparently flew very well. the assymmetric tail didn't seem to work so well.....doc

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