Bristol Beaufighter IF/IC need some info

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Jan 27, 2005
Need some information about this plane such as

1) Turn rate at any altitude.
2) Armament: quantity of rounds per gun

Armament for the Mk. IF was 4 20mm in the nose with 240rpg, 4 .303s in right wing with 1000rpg, and 2 .303s in the left wing with 1000rpg.

I've not seen any information on the manevuerability of the Beau.
my understanding is that on some of the night-fighter versions, the MG's were not fitted, and the sole armament was 4x20mm.
Also in the early versions, the cannon were fitted with 60 rounds ammo boxs that had to be reloaded by hand. Later versions had their full supply connected to the guns via large ammo box's, saving the observer a lot of hard work.
i also believe the beau had a very low wing loading for a plane of her size and so was quite manouverable...........

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