Canberra Manuals

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Dec 30, 2008
California City, CA

I am looking for Canberra B.6 manuals to help me restore and obtain an airworthiness certificate for HX-567 (N40UP) with the FAA.
There are other versions that are similar (B.2 & B-15 as an example).
Also looking for any other Canberra manuals that can be added to my listings to help future restorations.

I am currently working on a listing of British and Australian Canberra manuals.
The listing is broken down by Model, general manuals and a master index of all manuals.
As soon as the listings are completed, I will post them on this site for others to use as reference.

Thank You
Canberra USA
It'll be wonderful to see another Canberra in the air!

I assume you've been in contact with Temora Aircraft Muesum (NSW, Australia). They operate an airworthy Canberra, ex RAF.


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