Caproni Ca113 . no manual but pictures!

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    Hi friends!
    I haven't any manual on this nice aerobatic biplane of the thirties but my own walkaround taken in Volandia museum (nearby Milano-Malpensa airport).

    The Caproni Ca113 I-MARY:
    A Unique plane, the sole Ca 113 (I-MARY) left, the one flown by Mario De Bernardi. The Ca.113's capabilities were demonstrated by Mario De Bernardi, winner of the aerobatic trophy at the 1931 Cleveland Air Races and its use in setting a number of aerial records, most importantly a world altitude record of 14,433 m (47,352 ft) set by Renato Donati on 11 April 1934. Other records included a women's world altitude record of 12,010 m (39,400 ft) set by Contessa Carina Negrone in 1935 and world endurance records for inverted flight. These latter records were set by Tito Falconi at the US 1933 National Air Races, who flew inverted from Los Angeles to San Diego and after the race meet, made an inverted flight from St. Louis to Chicago.

    In here the link to my photobooklet Caproni Ca 113 Slideshow by motozattera777 | Photobucket
    A few ones uploaded here indeed

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