Data from P-38 Flight Manual

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Feb 23, 2005
I have listed some data from the flight manual dated August 1, 1945 that may be of interest regarding the P-38 "H", "J" and "L" Lightning.

From: PDF/P-38 POH.pdf

Wing area - 327.5 sqft

Gross weight (Combat) - 16,000lbs

Wing Loading - 49lbs.

Maximum speed - Over 420mph

Operational Ceiling - 30,000ft

Takeoff and Military Power - 3,000rpm @ 54" - 162gal. per hour

War Emergency - 3,000rpm @ 60" - 180gal. per hour

Fuel capacity 1,076 gal.

Ammunition capacity - Up to 500 rounds for each .50 and up to 150 rounds for each 20mm

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