Details of the XP-38

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May 26, 2018
I'm in the process of acquiring details of the XP-38 as a future modeling project. Does anyone have access or possess pictures of the original cockpit interior?

Also, any additional pictures of the XP-38 prior to its crash would be greatly appreciated.

It's my intention to do a highly detailed 40" wingspan model that will be covered with polished aluminum foil similar to what was done to my Mustang.


Okay, here is what I have.

Wow!! I truly thought it was going to be a king shot. This is great.

Thank you, gentlemen. It's greatly appreciated.

Initially I was just going to use the earliest cockpit I could find & skip all the switches & levers for activating machine guns & dropping ordinances.

Any exterior shots would also be helpful.

Thank you guys, you're the best.
I've enclosed sample shot of the canopy of the XP-38 with the production simply to get a close up of the opening mechanism as well as the side windows.
The models are from a modeler who has done a great job of metal finishing. It appears he's gone down the metallic paint road.

There are several differences that immediately pop out such as the chin radiators under the propeller, anti-glare paint, the propeller spinners are not as sleek, the turbochargers are different, radiators in the rear part of the booms are different, the canopies are different & so on.

So I'll be modifying the cowls from the standard J versions to something that more resembles a sleek F variant & go from there.


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On that last post, I'd guess the metalized P-38 is from a plastic kit but compared to the table, it's huge.

The wooden P-38 is from a Guillow's kit which has a 40" wingspan & will serve as a base from which I hope to convert to the prototype version. I'll sheet the wings to match up with the plastic nacelles & go from there.

It's my intention to cover the whole model with Flite Metal, the same product I used with very good results on my Guillow's Mustang.

I've enclosed a photo of the Mustang & you can well imagine how I hope the prototype Lightning will turn out in the same way.


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