Do-17 215 pictures wanted

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Airman 1st Class
Nov 29, 2004
Houston, TX
Hello all!

I am looking for any very intesting or unusual images of 17/215's.
But, just to be certain, post anything you may have! (I have already scoured the internet).

I am most interested in image INSIDE the 17/215's, and the NIGHTFIGHTER versions (17z-6, -7, -10, and 215B-5; 32 total converted).

Closeup's of the MG15's will be great, as well as loading bombs, 15mm and 20mm MG's (yes, they did carry those!), open engine cowlings, any anything you may find interesting.

Also, one I am trying to find: MS Flight Sim (98??), someone made a Do-17 mod using a B-25 as a frame! Great color work, almost looks like a 17!

Thank you very much for you help! Credit will be given.

Link below.
Try these 3.

Im also looking for anypictures of Do-17's with the experimental defensive flamethrower.

I have a pic of the Do-317 too if ya want it.


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  • dornier_do-217.jpeg
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Anybody know what model the dive bomber version was? I saw one on a documentary on tv but it didnt say what model it was.
Thanks Cheddar!

Yes, I'll take anything you can give!

I think I saw the flame thrower 17, but all you see is a big smokey trail behind a black mark of the 17 in profile. Nothing really to see in detail. Could have been a 111 too for all I know! LOL.

BTW, that last photo is not a Do-17, but a Do-215!!!
All the "215" means it was a 17z for export, but in the end was never exported overseas!

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