Dornier Do 18D

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Jan 1, 2006
Regarding the 2x600hp Dornier Do 18D rather than the 2x880hp Do 18G:

what was the max. speed?
What was the range?
What was the weight empty?


Here is what I have in one of my books for the Dornier Do-18D.

Function: Longrange reconflyingboat
Crew: 4
Engines: 2X 6 cylinder Junkers Jumo 205D inline engine with 656 kW
Max. Speed: 267km/h @ 2000m
Climbrate: in 7.8 min. at 1000m
Range: 3500km
Ceiling: 4200m
Empty weight: 5980kg
Max. weight: 10795 kg
Armament: 1 13mm machine gun and 1 20 mm cannon and 2 50kg bombs
Wing span: 23,70m
Length: 19,38m
Height: 5,32m
Wingarea: 98.00m2
Thanks. I think the stats you have got are for the Do 18G. The Do 18D had Jumo 205C 600hp engines and an armament of 2 x 7.92mm MG 15s.


Hi !!!
As far as the Do18D is concerning. I have found in one of books I've had, Do18D-1 :
Engine 2*Jumo 205C 441kW ( 600hp )
max. speed 245 km/h at 0 m altitude
range 4225 km
ceiling 5310 m
empty weight 5800 kg
wing span 23.70m
length 19.25m
height 5.32m
wingarea 97.65m2
armament 2* 7.92mm MG15 and 2*50kg bombs under a right wing
Thanks again Wurger

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