Er, another question

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cheddar cheese

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
At school me and the lanchave been wondering whether there was such a plane as the westland welkin, someones bound to know, is there?
you only know that cos you read it off my top trumps :)

panic over people, we researched it in our own time.

however, we are in doubt about the "vickers windsor", which is supposed to be the 4 engined version of the wellington :) anyone know about this?
Here's some Pics of the Westland Welkin:

The MkI Prototype.


Production Mk1


MKI Prototype in a new Scheme.


The MkII Prototype.


I'll see if I can find some Tech Data on it :D

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:lol: yeah lanc, youre smart, but if you want to prove yourself, then i challenge you to build your own plane and bomb and take out the hoover dam :lol:

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