F-6D's of the 2nd ACG

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    I want to build my new Tamiya kit 60323 as a F-6D of the 2nd ACG - black lightnings along the fuselage and on the upper wing surfaces. The only "useful" profile I found was the Tamiya box itself
    showing Capt. Hawkins F-6D "Gonzales", tactical *87 with the home finding loop antenna.

    A further F-6D w/o loop antenna I found in Edward Youngs "Air Commando Fighters of WWII" with the actical #17, named "Anna Belle V" , flown by Capt Eason as well as the Tamiya template #87 Gonzales.

    Does someone inhere has any profile, pics or other info about F-6D within that unit?
    It seems the ACG did not like being photographed.:rolleyes:

    I appreciate any help on that. :blob:


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