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Apr 1, 2004
For all you rock fans - awesome news ... especially those in Europe - the remainder of AiC are playin' at many of the European rock festivals this year !!!

Unfortunately I can't go to Download in Donnington because I'm watchin' Live on the 11 June , so I'm goin' to Novarock in Nickelsdorf, Austria !! Tool, Mettalica and G 'n' R are headlinin'

And of course the remainder of AiC will be there ... Which is the real reason I'm going ALL the way to Austria to see 'em .

Adler, get yourself to Rock Am Park - they're playing there too !

Oh, and new Audioslave album in June - I expect that they might turn up to some of the festivals to promote that ! Yeah, so I'm seein' Live on 11 June , then flyin' to Vienna on 12 June ...stayin' there for two days , then headin' to Nickelsdorf !!

Just thought I'd rub that in.
pD, I have my Rock im Park tickets allready. I bought them when they went on sale back in December.

Here is the line up for Rock im Park so far. About another 20 to 30 bands will be signed on still. The Rumors say some of them will be System of the Down, Queensryche, Guns and Roses, Type O Negative and much more....

Here is the line up so far for Rock Im Park 2006:

Depeche Mode
Franz Ferdinand
Bela B.
Nelly Furtado
Sportfreunde Stiller
The Streets
David Gray
Kaiser Chiefs
Dir en grey
The Darkness
In Flames
Paul Weller
Danko Jones
Alice In Chains
Bullet For My Valentine
Art Brut
Stone Sour
The Subways
The Dresden Dolls
The Editors
Secret Machines
She Wants Revenge
The Like
To My Surprise
Kill The Young

The ones in bold are the ones that I am really excited about. Cant wait to see Metallica for the 8th time since 1988!
They have some really crap acts in there too though ! I mean, c'mon ... AiC in the same festival as Franz Ferdinand ! :rolleyes:

I'm really lookin' forward to Novarock ... I haven't actually got my tickets yet ... so I suppose I could come to Rock im Park instead ... just a thought. The vast majority who are playin' at Rock im Park are playin' at Novarock too .
Rock im Park is the best festival I have ever been to, and I have been to Monsters Of Rock, Reading, Donington, and Masters of Metal festivals. The reason I like Rock im Park is because of the Diversity it has. Even if they have bands like Franz Ferdinand that I do not like, I just hang out at the camp site and drink beer, grilling some Brat Wursts or BBQ Ribs and hang out with people from all over the world who are there for the same reason. It is awesome. This will be my 8th Rock Im Park.
You're tempting me toward that festival instead of Novarock . The British rock festivals get progressively worse with each year ! Donnington (Download) is probably the best , AiC are playing there ! But as I said I'm seein' Live on one of the days it's on ... so off to Germany or Austria I go .

I just want to see Jerry Cantrell ! And hear some AiC tracks live - even if, unfortunately, Layne Staley is no longer with us . I'll think about it over the next couple of days , between Rock im Park or Novarock ...

It actually looks like I'm going on my own 'cos no one has the money , or time , or likes rock to go ! I don't care ...I want to see AiC !
Well if you choose Rock im Park let me know man. You can come and hang out with me and my friends in our camp site. Last year in our camp site we brought a couch to hang out on, a huge carpet that we through down on the ground. We had a huge inflatable pool that we filled with bottles of Jack Daniels, Scotch, and Beer. Damn it was awesome. My niece is even coming from the States to go with us to the show. Damn it is going to Rock again.
I'll definately decide in the next couple of days , I suppose goin' to Rock im Park would be better 'cos they'll at least be you I know ! :lol:
I'll look up how to get there and such ... in fact, I have nothing to do so I'll do that now !
I have just looked into it , and I think I'll come to Rock Im Park instead. It's much easier to get to, and it's basically the same line-up . Most importantly, AiC will still be there !

Plus it's cheaper , quite a bit cheaper. And I can fly straight into the city !!

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