Fiat G.55 with DB605AM?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by gomwolf, Dec 16, 2013.

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    Hi guys. Gomwolf.

    Few days ago, I saw a opinion about Fiat G.55.
    His opinion is like this. When Fiat G.55 use WEP it can reach 671kph, and the WEP means MW50. So Fiat G.55 used DB605AM Engine(Actually, His opinion is Tifone engine was licensed DB605AM).
    I talk to him, G.55 can reach 671kph, but WEP is War Emergency Power, and it is not same means with booster. G.55 had not been MW50 ever. But he stick to his opinion.

    I like this italian masterpiece, but this is wired. I can't find any documents about G.55 with DB605AM.

    I don't have the reference chart, figure or document about G.55. If there anyone who have the reference chart or documents, please share it.
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    I don't know whether MW 50 was used but the Fiat RA 1050 RC 58 'Tifone' was a license built DB 605 A.


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    When one makes this or that claim, then it would be a good practice to quote a reliable source when another person challenges the claim(s). Failed to do so tends to bring down the reputation of the person making claim. If the person is really well versed in German hardware, he will seldom use the term WER when describing German engines.
    Further: the time line is wrong for the G.55 being equipped with the DB-605AM engine - the was available in 1944 (and 1st recipient will be likely a German fighter), G.55 was being introduced in service in Summer of 1943. The use of MW-50 system will unlikely add more than several km/h (even if the G.55 was equipped with such a device) to the max speed, since the benefits of the MW injection were mostly observable at low altitudes, and G.55's max speed was at circa 6.5-7 km. We can also observe that G.55 was slowest of the Italian 5 series fighters - no wonder, since it was having the biggest wing.

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