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Jan 1, 2006
I'm trying to find information on what bomb load fighters could carry. Can anybody help me out for the following types:

Curtiss Hawk 75-M
Gloster Gladiator I
Gloster Gauntlet II
Fokker D.XXI
Fairey Firefly IIM
Avia B 534IV

I'm also looking for information on what effect carrying bombs had on range for the types above.


As far as I know, all of Curtiss Hawk 75 (without Hawk 75-A1,P-36A,P-36C,YP-37) could carry 136 kg bombs under wings. The M,N,O version additionally 227 kg under a fuselage.
Avia B 534 - all of its varieties could carry 6X10 kg or 4X20 kg bombs
The Gloster Gladiator from what i can find is not shown as having a bomb carrying capacity. Im sure i have seen photos of them carrying bombs though. I would guess either 4x 50lp or 8x 50lp. Maybe 100lp.
As near as I can find the Fokker D.XXI had no capability to carry any bombs. It was underpowered with 4 machineguns
I think SlickDriver is right.There is no info about a bomb load of Fokker DXXI in books.But I'm still looking for this.
SlickDriver and Crowdpleaser are absolutely right.It is not possible to find out about bombload of DXXI.I was looking for it everywhere but with no success.


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