FNG Intro and request for B-17 Parts Information

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Hey Guys...my name is James and I'm an alcholic...oh wait...wrong forum! *joking*
I am working on a project that I could use some help from you guys. I am really into hot rods and I am working on the 1932 Dodge pickup shown below. I don't know if you guys too much about the histroy of Hot Rodding but some of the great innovators in our hobby were former aviators who came back from the war and applied the engineering they learned in the military to making cars go fast! I also have a profound respect for guys willing to put their ass on the line for our freedom. In honor of these two influences on my life, I am modelling my rat rod truck after a B-17 called the Sweet 17 (91st BG). I have spoke to the pilot and the tailgunner (who passed away the week before last). Currently I am trying to find guages, equipment and plaques from real B-17's. I have fuel guages, PDO guage, bomb release trigger, bomb load plaque and two practice bombs. Do you guys know where I can get more stuff for reaseonable prices? I have been checking E-Gay quite a bit...any place else?
Also if you have any ides on designs for the truck...let me know!
Thanks in advance!


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