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Tech Sergeant
Dec 26, 2003
I'm bored, sooooooooooooooooooooo....

Anyone want a pic of their hometown taken from above, virtually?

You can pretty much choose your aircraft of choice, too...

I have everything from the Wright Flyer to the Pilotless Globalhawk...

If you do want a pic snapped, tell me what aircraft, and I'll install/find/download/select it and take it!

If your choice is yes, just list your hometown or a place near it with an airport and give me directions to your town if need be.

Bodmin is the closest airport, but its more of a field in a village, so you need a small plane to take off from there :D Believe me, I tried it with the 747, it doesnt work...
Ok, I have... (installed)

A harrier, an F-16, A340, weird thing from an anime, Global hawk, Aero Design 500, Aeronca K, NAMC Ys-11, An-2T, An-2V, An-124, An-225, An-24RV, An-30, Arado E.555, As350 Ecureuil, Auster Mk.V, B-58 Hustler, Boeing 717, 737-400, 737-800, 747-400, 747-400 (one is default), 777, Beechcraft Baron, Kingair, Volpar Beech 18, Volpar Beech 18 on floats, Avro Vulcan, Bell47, Bell 47 on floats, Ov-1D, Bell 206, BMW Schnellbomber 1, Md-82, NF Mossie, Bv155, Bv222, Bv P-194, Diamond Katan and Eclipse, Cessna 172, 182, 208, 208B, C-82 Packet, Cc-138, C-130, Corsair F4U-7, Curtiss Jenny, DeHav Comet, Dc-3, Extra 300, Fairey Delta, V-22, various A320's, the Trimotor, Meteor T7, Vickers Varsity, Various Agusta 109 models, Hurri IIA, Howard 500 and cargo version, A319, A321, Il-86, Jaguar Xk-120, Ju-187, Ju Ef-112, Kawasaki C-1 and Ec-1, Learjet, Bellanca scout on wheels, tundra wheels, skis, and floats, Bellanca Super Decathalon, Lockheed Vega, Mag Basis 15 (fictional glider made by adlabs6 over at il2skins), Mb.339, Martin Baker Mb.5 (basically a Griffon 'Stang), Me-262A, Me-262B, Me Wespe, Me-108, Mig-19, Mooney Bravo, Northrop N-9MB, YF-107, P-38's F,G,H, Fokker 70 and 100, Gloster Whittle Pioneer, Piper Cub, Pzl.24, Robinson R22, Schweizer glider, Sea Fury G-Fury, Sea Fury T.20, Sikorsky S-61N, Spirit of St. Louis, Bv-141, Su-27, T-28, T-33, Tempest II and VI, Nakajima Tenrai, Tu-114, ER-2, Tr-1A, Vickers Vc10 and Super Vc10, Vickers Vimy, Wright Flyer, X-15, X-24, XB-70, X-35 A,B,&C, YS-11A Japanese Coast Guard, and finally, an F-84...
That's just the arsenal I have installed...

Here's a list I typed up in July in a convo with Crazy...

Wert4580: wing views for 747 and 737
Wert4580: a Zero/Zeke
Wert4580: Aero Commander 500
Wert4580: Aeronca K
Wert4580: AI Floatplane traffic
Wert4580: AI ship traffic
Wert4580: Airbus A320-200
Wert4580: Airbus A330
Wert4580: An-2T and 2V
Wert4580: An-225 "Mriya" (dream)
Wert4580: Avro Anson
Wert4580: An-30
Wert4580: An-24RV
Wert4580: Arecibo Radio Observatory
Wert4580: As 350 Ecureuil
Wert4580: B-2 Spirit
Wert4580: B-17E
Wert4580: B-47
Wert4580: B-58 "Hustler"
Wert4580: Be-103 (Beriev) amphibian
Wert4580: two Rio De Janeiro scenery improvments
Wert4580: a Bell 47 and its sounds
Wert4580: a Bellanca Scout and Super Decathalon
Wert4580: a Mercedes Sl600 (yes, the car)
Wert4580: a Bf-110 G-2 and sounds
Wert4580: a Bf-110 G-4 (the nachtjager)
Wert4580: a Cessna O-1 Bird Dog
Wert4580: Boeing 717-200
Wert4580: VASP Boeing 737-200
Wert4580: 747-Freight
Wert4580: Boeing 757
Wert4580: Boeing 767
Wert4580: Australian Bordertown
Wert4580: Bremen, Germany
Wert4580: C-1 and Ec-1 (Japanese cargo jet)
Wert4580: C-5 Galaxy
Wert4580: a C-46 Commando
Wert4580: C-82 Packet
Wert4580: C-133
Wert4580: CAC Wirraway (Texan trainer)
Wert4580: Carriers and improved textures for 'em
Wert4580: Cc-138
Wert4580: concorde gauges for a couple of planes
Wert4580: Cv-10T "Cargo Bronco"
Wert4580: Dagger A
Wert4580: Dauphin chopper
Wert4580: Dc-44 prop liner
Wert4580: Dhc-6
Wert4580: Diamond Da-20 Katana and Da-20 Evolution
Wert4580: Ec-120B Colibri
Wert4580: Eclipse business jet
Wert4580: Electra prop liner (based on Ventura maritime patrol of WWII fame)
Wert4580: extra textures for it
Wert4580: Embraer 170
Wert4580: Eurofighter and afterburner effects
Wert4580: F4F Wildcat
Wert4580: F-14 and improvement/update/patch
Wert4580: F-16 and AB effects
Wert4580: F-18A
Wert4580: Fa-18E
Wert4580: F-104J and F-104RJ Recce
Wert4580: Night Effects
Wert4580: Fairey Delta (led to concorde)
Wert4580: Ju-52 on floats
Wert4580: a flying submarine (looks like something out of a 70's TV show)
Wert4580: a Fokker 100-70 liner
Wert4580: a Fouga, Brasilian texture and patch
Wert4580: Goianesia airfield
Wert4580: Grass and Dirt landing trip effects
Wert4580: Henschel Hsp-87 X-Plane
Wert4580: High Alaska Meshes I&II
Wert4580: Hilo, Hawaii
Wert4580: Honolulu
Wert4580: Howard 500
Wert4580: Il-86
Wert4580: Improved tower lights
Wert4580: Indian Motorcycle
Wert4580: a Jaguar Xk120
Wert4580: Japanese Coast Guard Ys-11
Wert4580: a Jet Provost trainer
Wert4580: another Ju-52
Wert4580: Ju Ef. 126 x-plane
Wert4580: thatd be it
Wert4580: Kahului Hawaii
Wert4580: Kai Tak China
Wert4580: a Knee Board web browser (for long flights, it allows web surfing within it)
Wert4580: Kona Hawaii
Wert4580: an L-17B-C
Wert4580: a trainer/FAC
Wert4580: (L-17 description)
Wert4580: Lancair Legacy
Wert4580: LAX improvement
Wert4580: EE Lightning
Wert4580: M.A.T.S. Super Connie
Wert4580: Mb-339
Wert4580: Mb.5
Wert4580: Me-108
Wert4580: Me-262, Trainer, Nachtjager
Wert4580: Memphis Belle
Wert4580: Meteor T-Mk.7
Wert4580: Mig-19
Wert4580: "Mig-31" from Firefox movie
Wert4580: Mirage 3
Wert4580: Mirage F-1
Wert4580: a Mossie
Wert4580: new asphalt taxiway textures
Wert4580: Oil Rigs
Wert4580: P-38
Wert4580: "Panel"~dont really know...
Wert4580: Parafoil (type of chute for gliding)
Wert4580: prop dust and wash effects
Wert4580: Uber P.11c Pzl.24
Wert4580: RAF Oulton
Wert4580: Redcliffe, Ozzie
Wert4580: Ryan SC
Wert4580: S-39
Wert4580: SA Bulldog
Wert4580: Sea Fury T-Mk.20
Wert4580: Sikorsky S-61N
Wert4580: Sopwith Triplane
Wert4580: Statue of Liberty improvement
Wert4580: Stearman biplane
Wert4580: Su-27
Wert4580: Sunderland
Wert4580: Super Etendard
Wert4580: Super Otter
Wert4580: fictional "Super Car"
Wert4580: T-33
Wert4580: Ta-183 "Huckebein"
Wert4580: Taipei 1 (World's tallest building)
Wert4580: Tempest Mk.II
Wert4580: Tempest Mk.VI
Wert4580: Terrain CFG mod (adds road signs, etc.)
Wert4580: Thailand carriers
Wert4580: Tiger Moth
Wert4580: Tornadoes Gr.4 and Fmk.3
Wert4580: Tower of Freedom (new WTC)
Wert4580: Tu-154 Careless
Wert4580: V-1
Wert4580: Vickers Valetta, Vanguard, Varsity, Viscount [800, 700, 758] ,Viking, Vc-10
Wert4580: improved Vegas
Wert4580: Flying Pancake prototype V-173
Wert4580: Waco Classic
Wert4580: Waikato NZ carrier
Wert4580: Water Effects
Wert4580: Wave Effects
Wert4580: X-15
Wert4580: X-24A
Wert4580: Xb-70
Wert4580: Yf-23
Wert4580: Yorkshire Private airstrip
Wert4580: Ys-11 Base Package
Wert4580: All the required patches and uppies
I got it from simviation.com

Ah, but I hath the power of many long hours on the net :D and when we get broadband (very soon!) your gonna have to play second fiddle to me mate :D
Yes, i believe. You belive i wont? NEVER!

NB: as an example of how persistant with my "projects" i am, i have 7526 pictures of cars on my computer, some 500 pics of planes, hundreds of fonts ive downloaded and many pointless spreadsheets.

When I wanna do something, I do it and I dont stop until ive done it.
Not sure about your knowledge of FRAPS, but since we're in this screenie thing together, I thought I'd let you know...

Also, if you would like a no-cd patch for this and FB, just give me a ring via PM...


FRAPS allows you to save movies and take snapshots, although the Fs2004 defualt movie makeer is better as the movies are smaller in size...
Here ya go, Kiwi!

As a bonus I got pics of the He-280 as well as the Centauro!

Hope Ye Like!


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