FW 190A-2 JABO

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Oct 25, 2011

I was intrigued by this image, that brought me to wonder if and how much this was true.

Actually, it has precise reference:
2021-01-21 00_08_01-Greenshot.png

although not for A-1 variant, and finds a good match in Chris Goss' book:
2021-01-19 17_25_12-Greenshot.png

whose bottom photo undoubtedly shows a FW 190A-1, without MG 151/20 protruding from wing root and no cooling slots on engine cowling side. While previous photo may be arguable:
2021-01-19 17_24_54-Greenshot.png

since showing engine cooling lattice, which could belong to an A-2 or higher variants.

Same book states that FW 190 JABO attacks started on 7 July 1942, so could have involved variant A-2, but what about its predecessor, the A-1? It looks there's no evidence, but if so, why to have an /U1 subvariant? In addition, I think to recall that JABO capabilities where already given to latest Bf 109E, performing attacks against RAF airbases, so why discontinuing this practice?

The question is: did early two variants of FW 190A perform JABO missions against allied targets during 1941-42?

Thanks for any help.

Andrew Arthy

Airman 1st Class

The only Jabo unit to receive the FW 190 A-1 was the III. Gruppe of Zerstörergeschwader 2, which took two on strength during its conversion and training period in the late-summer and autumn of 1942. One of these was formerly a regular fighter aircraft with the II. Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 26. These two FW 190 A-1s went with the Gruppe to the Mediterranean theatre in November 1942, and both had been transferred away from the unit by the end of that month. It is very unlikely that either of these FW 190 A-1s took part in any operations.

The FW 190 A-2 saw plenty of action as a Jabo with 10.(Jabo)/J.G. 2, 14.(Jabo)/J.G. 5, and 10.(Jabo)/J.G. 26, beginning in the summer of 1942.

Andrew A.
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