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    Hi everyone
    I'm new to the site so please bear with me whilst I get used to it.
    I'm currently undertaking a Hawker Hurricane cockpit restoration. I have a copy of the Air Publication 1564 A B published in July 1940
    It covers the Hurricane MK1 and MK2 and is a schedule of spare parts.
    The problem I have is that serial numbers shown for various plates that make up a joint such as joint A, do not correspond to the markings shown on the actual plate itself.
    For example on joint A the numbers shown in the manual are 31846 and 31844 whilst the actual plate is stamped A105107A. Why the difference. I have a bucket full of plates that I'm trying to identify but the manual is of no use in as far as reference numbers go.
    Is there another manual out there that will help or does someone have a list of fish plate serial numbers??.

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