HS 123 - actual/max bomb load?

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tomo pauk

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Apr 3, 2008
Looking at Wikipedia articles about the Hs 123, we can read that max bomb load included a 250 kg bomb under fuselage + 4x50 kg bombs under the wings. However, I was unable to find any photo that shows a bomb under fuselage, while the payload shown on pictures rarely shows even a 130 L (112kg) drop tank + 4 bombs; it is usually either a drop tank or bombs.
Table from manual for the Hs 123 states that, when 4x50 kg bombs are carried, drop tank is out of question; conversely, when drop tank is carried, only 2x50 kg bombs can be carried.
My questions - anyone has some actual data that a bomb was carried under fuselage? Any photo? Actual bomb load?


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