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Airman 1st Class
Aug 21, 2016
Indestructible, by John R. Bruning, is the biography that "Pappy" Gunn deserved. If you read "The Legend of Pappy Gunn," you came away with a picture of a braggart who abandoned his family to the Japanese in the Philippines while he went off to cavort with Hollywood starlets.
Not so, according to this well-researched and far more complete picture of the man and his times. Here we see a family man who dedicated his life to their rescue, using the only means that the Army left open to him. The book also details the horrors of the Japanese internment camp in Manila, leaving us to wonder how anyone survived.
Although it's somewhat over-written and slides along the edge of hero worship at times, it's still well worth reading, if only to get a sense of a semi-neglected part of the war.
One of those larger than life heros, who get overlooked as they don't fit into the expected mold ... and don't have period military historians or war correspondents paying attention.

I'd compare with Gehrhard Neuman, Charles Blair and Max Conrad ... all accomplishing amazing feats without the support of governments and military, yet with overlooked biographies. Each worthy of an unbelievable screenply.

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