info on ju 188a-2 U5+LL

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Oct 1, 2022

I'm trying to find information about a specific aircraft, a ju 188A-2 U5+LL.
There is a drawing in the book of Robert Forsyth, combat aircraft 146, junkers 188 units of world war 2.
According this book, this aircraft belonged to 3./KG 2 and was at Eindhoven airbase (Holland) early 1944.
code LL should be in yellow according the book.
Does anybody have more information about this aircraft?

There is also another profile of this aircraft stating it as 3E+LL from 3./KG 6 from Melsbroek.
Could it be that the book is wrong, it's camouflage (RLM22 underside, RLM 76 upperside and RLM22 stripes) is very similar to 3E+HK stationed at Melsbroek (Belgium)
It's about this aircraft:


Thank you,
regards Michiel.

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