Interested in Diesel engine and generator service and repair manuals?

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Nov 24, 2007
Little Norway, U.S.A.
Cleaning out a cupboard under the bookshelf at my parents house and found a bunch of my dad's old manuals.
Dad was a powerman in the USAF, 1945-1965.
His main job was overseeing generator sets for bases and small remote sites. Dad seemed to make a career out of closing sites down.
After his time in the service, he found work as a diesel mechanic in the private sector, including running his own shop at a local navy base.
Dad passed away in 1994 and no one here is really interested in keeping any of this stuff.
Lots of older engine makes (Buda, Hall-Scott, etc.). Some are gen set specific. I know one of those manuals is for a Waukesha snow plow.
There's a couple of equipment catalogues included and most of a manual (TM-2800) that was a general overview of every single vehicle and trailer that was used during the war.
I'm NOT looking for any money for this collection (although some help with shipping would be nice), I just want it to go to someone who might appreciate it (cuz otherwise, they're in the garbage can, which seems like such an ignominious end for these, considering the purpose they served).
Please send me a PM if you're interested in this collection (approx. 15 manuals and catalogues of varying size).
There must be a diesel or generator equivalent of RadioNerds on line somewhere that will accept anything - there used to be one site years back that accepted any manuals of any sort but I cannot remember its name - I got several photocopies of oddball stuff from them about ten years back.
Consider the WW2 museum in New Orleans. They are always restoring something.

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