Ivan Nikiforovich Stepanenko's Yak-9T - 4 IAP - 1944

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Feb 7, 2016
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Hello there! Hope all is well and if you are reading this, you are safe and healthy. I have a question about Ivan Nikiforovich Stepanenko's Yak-9T that is in the photo below.

Степаненко 25.jpg

Most photo credits in Russian state that the photo is from late 1944 and was taken in Baltic front. Many profiles of the plane are in AMT 11/12 with tail tip and background of the Eagle is in AMT-7. The number is supposed to be red or blue 04. Now, my question is if this is an accurate depiction of the plane. I think it is but then why don't the red stars have any white outlines? Is it possible that this Yak-9 is just an earlier production (not a T model) that is in black and green (AMT-4/6)? I appreciate your help if you have any information. Thank you!

Please see below two different depictions:



Stepanenko is known for flying another Yak-9 earlier in his career that has a the AMT-4/6 camo but that was completely a different plane. See below:


Other Stepanenko Yak-9T photos but not as useful for my question:


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