Ki-43-I with 30kg bombs?

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Feb 26, 2020
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Several sources I have read state that the Ki-43-I could carry 2 30kg bombs under the wings. I can't find any pictures of this. Any photos that you have or can find would be greatly appreciated. :salute:
Starting with the Ki.43-Ic it seems they were cleared for wing bombs. They had pylons for drop tanks so I'm thinking it wouldn't be hard to rig bombs. I'll look for a pic

interesting. This lists a 15kg not a 30. Thanks for posting this document:thumbleft:
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I have only ever found pictures of Ki-43-III with 250kg bombs, and Ki-43-IIb Air-Air 30kg/60kg? Bomblets. I have read accounts of early 1944 Burma Ki-43 carrying 50kg bombs. 50kg was very common JAAF bomb size for bombers, until late war when they went big.

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