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Hace un tiempo bajé una vista de 360 grados del interior de la cabina de un Komet, para Quick Time, pero perdí el disco y no recuerdo la dirección en la red de donde la bajé. ¿Alguien puede ayudarme?. Gracias
Here's a BableFish translation of the above post:

"A time ago I lowered a Vista of 360 degrees of the interior of the cabin of a Komet, for Quick Time, but I lost the disc and nonmemory the direction in the network of where I lowered it. Somebody can help me. Thanks"
You would have better luck with the help that you need if you had just posted it in english in the main part of the forum, since you can speak good english it seems.
Well, I think that my english is very bad. I´m looking for the virtual view (360 degrees) of a Komet´s cockpit, for Quick Time. I´ve lost this file from my PC and don´t remember where it came from. Outside the cockpit can ve seen a Spit and another Komet.
Thanks for helping.

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