"Labour Wins"

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Well, well, well - we have a new M.P it seems. I'm surprised as Valerie Davey did a pretty reasonable job.

Bristol West

Stephen Williams Liberal Democrat 21,987 38.3 +9.4
Valerie Davey Labour 16,859 29.4 -7.4
David Martin Conservative 15,429 26.9 -1.9
Justin Quinnell Green 2,163 3.8 +0.3
Simon Muir UK Independence Party 439 0.8 -0.1
Bernard Kennedy Socialist Labour Party 329 0.6 -0.5
Douglas Reid Save Bristol North Baths Party 190 0.3
Not in yet mate, someone sneezed, lost count and had to start all over again.

This is an interesting one - what's this guy about?

S O S! Voters Against Overdevelopment of Northampton
Labour is in here, honestly I don't know which one I'm in Doncaster North or Doncaster Central...either way, it's Labour.
My parents constituency (Aldridge-Brownhills) stayed Conservative - I dont think that'll change until the current encumbent snuffs it. They've had the same guy for about 20 years. On the other hand, Lancaster and Wyre, where I am has gone Tory, but apparently it was the most mariginal Labour seat in the country. Either way, not a good result for us students :rolleyes:
Yes but the students make up the minority of the country, so eat that! You can sod RIGHT off if you think I'm paying for your education. :lol:

What do you study anyway?
Im a third year History and Philosophy major, and have just been offered a place to do an MA in Historical Research. I may yet end up making a career out of my studies, so Id appreciate not being screwed over by the governmnt. After all, they wanted people like me (who arent from a typical university-going background) to go, so they should stop making it so bloody difficult! :lol:
Don't complain. If you get a career then you can pay it off. The reason is the vast majority of 'students' just go to slack off and we're not going to pay for them to do that.

Don't screw up and you'll be fine when you're piling in the money by being some professor of history and your fees will be long behind you.
It's these people that study things like music or some other lame subject. What possible use does the study of music have to society? Huh!?

I'm happy with the result personally. I always knew Lib Dems would get votes off students for the whole scrapping tuitions fees. Anyway, you all say you love Uni...normally you have to pay for things you enjoy. ;)
plan_D said:
I always knew Lib Dems would get votes off students for the whole scrapping tuitions fees.

Ha ha ha! And if they somehow did get into power, you reckon they'd really keep that promise?

The words 'pie' and 'crust' come to mind.

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