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Dec 10, 2021
We are currently building a full size replica in metal of the nose and forward fuselage of PD130. Information is scarce for the B1 Specials, so any information about the following would be most welcome: 1) The colour scheme used on this particular aircraft, especially the area beneath the rear section of the canopy, 2) Details of the internal equipment that was fitted in the cockpit and bomb aimer's stations, 3) Was SCR718 Radio Altimeter fiited and if so, where were the aerials located?. Attached are some photos of progress to date and one of PD119, YZ-J which shows the area beneath the rear section of the canopy.


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I'm not 100% certain about the radio altimeter, but it was probably fitted, with the "T" antenna on the underside of the main wings, outboard of the outer engine.
Colour scheme was RAF Dark Green (some sources state Light Green) and RAF Light Earth, both of these "Light" colours being just a touch lighter than the Dark Green / Dark Earth shades, with Medium Sea Grey under-surfaces.
The colour beneath the rear section of the canopy was the exterior camouflage colour, in this case, the Green. Code letters on this aircraft were yellow.
Hope this helps.
Thanks. I must admit that I am unsure, but what you say is feasible. However, from the photo of YZ-J on my original post, the area under the canopy would appear to be brown rather than green.

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