Looking for pictures B-24, 44-10536, 448th BG

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Nov 8, 2021
Look for photos of the B-24, 448th BG, 714th BS, 44-10536 that crashed on April 16, 1945 near Augsburg / Germany as well as the crew at the time.

The crew:
2nd Lt. John C. McCoy, P, 02057337
F/O Bernard J. Banas, CP, T65103
F/O Saverio J. Juliano, B, T134418
Sgt. Bronislaw J. Kardys, 31252333
Sgt Angelo J. Leonetti, 13125368
Sgt Frank J. Matula, 12100312
Sgt Abe L. Morgan, 34738387
Sgt Irria J. Peterson, 38174375
Sgt James E. Smith, 34634691

Thank you for your help,

Thanks for the answer. I have the MACR. The aircraft had the letter code E so EI * E. No nicknames as far as I know. I also know the picture from the American Air Museum. This had the letter J.
Hi Freddy,
yes i know the facebook page. I don't like Facebook and so I'm not in the group. But thanks anyway for your answer.


Here is an illustration I drew for my book "Consolidated Mess, Vol. I" of the the B-24J-60-CF (Consolidated Fort Worth) block of which your aircraft was a part.

The Block 60 aircraft went primarily to the 8th and 15th Air Forces, although a few went to the RAF and RCAF.

The aircraft shown (less the St. Paul waist modification and large bulged oval navigator observation window) represents the general configuration and armament of all B-24J-CFs from Block 45 to the end of production with the Block 105.

I could find no photos of this particular aircraft in any of my sources.




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