Low level bomb sights esp ASW

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Sep 1, 2019
Hi I have been researching the Low Level Bomb Sight Mark III as used in WW2 primarily by Coastal Command and Bomber Command. Information online is limited and I am mainly using UK National Archives files. It was used below 1000 ft with targets being U-boats, ships and point targets like Bridges and buildings. It was only for depth charges and bombs, not torpedoes.

I have two questions that I wondered if you folks might be able to help with.

I still have some files to read but so far I see no mention of any FAA aircraft being equipped with it. I suspect the reason is simply space. It fitted in Mosquitoes with the tandem seats. Fitting it in a Barracuda or Avenger would not be practical as it would have to squeeze in in front of the pilot. Does that seem fair?

Secondly there is passing mention of an equivalent American sight named as L.A.B. I guess that could be "low altitude bombsight". It was used in the Pacific so reached operational status. Is anyone able to point me to a source with a description of it please? Just interested in including a brief comparison. I have seen nothing to say that it was adopted on this side of the pond. It could have arrived pre-fitted in US aircraft but I doubt that due to added training and servicing issues.

Many thanks.
Try researching the Wright Project and the 868th BS for Pacific operations. These give some background

And a book about the SB-24 operations of the 868th was published last month
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As well as references to the Wright Project and 868th BS, you might find references to the Scott Project. This formed at Langley Field on 21 July 1943 with 12 B-24. Deployed to the Pacific in Oct, it's aircrews and aircraft became the 63rd BS, 43rd BG, 5th AF.

63rd BS (The Seahawks) aircraft were equipped with SCR-717B search radar in place of the belly turret, SCR-729 IFF interrogator (largely useless as most US ships and aircraft in the theatre were keeping it turned off in the early days or the fitment on small craft like PT boat's was too short ranged), AN/APQ-5 LABS bombing radar, and AN/ARN-1 radio altimeter.

The designation given in official records to the 63rd BS aircraft was XB-24 and most were painted black overall.

The Wright Project joined 394th BS (the Snoopers) in 5th BG, 13th AF in Aug-Oct 1943, then becoming 5th Bomb Group Project until Dec (after the main part of the 394th BS reverted to its original role) before becoming 868th BS in Jan 1944. Its aircraft had the same fit as those of 63rd BS. It's aircraft were referred to as SB-24. Again some of its aircraft were painted black overall.

Extracted from "Liberator. America's Global Bomber" by Alwyn T Lloyd

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