Low pass

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Jul 5, 2006
Hi every one!

I need your comments on this. With a SIM game it's fun to fly low. For instance in Jane's WWII Fighters you really fly balistic in a middle of a village, in IL-2 you feel the speed as well.


Yesterday I flew the Me 262 very low, speed indicator showing around 500 km/h or more but the speed on the ground was like if I was nearly landing. Even if you put the default settings, the ground speed is terribly low when you fly low.

Did I miss something, any comments beside asking about my machine? It's a recent one and I can push all the set up at the maximum without any problems.

In developing OFF for CFS3, we did several in game tests, and found the speed reported on the dial is 10% - 20% too high (i.e. you are travelling slower than reported). So flying 100 meters takes you longer than it should.

We have other evidence from elsewhere that this is the case too but we'll keep that for another day ;).

We have deliberated if we should increase speeds of planes by 10-20% to compensate, may happen in the future as AI loves it too :)

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